24 Mar 2016

Ukrainians receive twice more Schengen visa refusals

Ukrainians receive twice more Schengen visa refusalsUkrainians have received twice as many visa refusals from Schengen cosulates in 2015 than in 2013, online publication Evropeiska Pravda (European Truth) has reported.

It cited the European Commission statistics on the work of all the consulates in the EU countries. Visas were denied to 1.7% Ukrainians in 2013 (the last pre-war year). The percent increased to 2% in 2014 due to the dramatic decrease in approved visa applications, a trend observed in a few consulates.


In 2015, already 3.4% Ukrainians received denials in many consulates. Some of the consulates posted significantly lower than the average number of approved applications.

Polish General Consulate in Vinnytsia made an anti-record and issued denials to 12% of applicants. Last year it refused visas to only 1.6% Ukrainians.

The second worst on performance is the Dutch Embassy in Ukraine which refused visas to 7.2% Ukrainians (4.3% last year).

Over 6% denial rate was at the Embassy of Belgium (6.7%), the Czech Consulate in Kyiv (6.9%), and Germany (6%). Bringing up the rear are the Greek Consulate in Kyiv (5.7%), Sweden (5.7%), Estonia (5.3%).

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