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Proof of Accommodation for Visa Application

How to get Hotel Booking or Reservation for Schengen Visa ApplicationIn the list of supporting documents for Schengen Visa Application is a Proof of Accommodation as well as Flight Reservation. The diplomatic office of the relevant Schengen country has to see if you have an agreed or prearranged place to stay for the duration of your visit in the destined country.

The Embassy/Consulate does that through the following recognized forms:

  • An Evidence of a Place to Stay, such as Hotel Booking or Reservation,
  • An Invitation from The Host with a Copy of His Passport (proof of sponsorship),
  • An evidence of a pre-paid tour with details of your payment to the tour operator

Arisen by the Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of The European Parliament And of The Council of 13 July 2009, establishing a Community Code on Visas known as “Visa Code”, Proof of Accommodation is a rule of the visa application procedure that each Schengen country ought to apply to their foreign visa seekers.

As such, in the Article 14 (1) the “Visa Code” stipulates the following: 

“When applying for a uniform visa, the applicant shall present: 

  • Documents indicating the purpose of the journey;
  • Documents in relation to accommodation, or proof of sufficient means to cover his accommodation;”

While in the 4th section of the same article the “Visa Code” specifies: 

“ Member States may require applicants to present a proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation by completing a form drawn up by each Member State. That form shall indicate in particular:

  • Whether its purpose is proof of sponsorship and/or of accommodation;
  • Whether the host is an individual, a company or an organisation;
  • The host’s identity and contact details;
  • The invited applicant(s);
  • The address of the accommodation;”

On the other hand, the Article 21(5) about verification of entry conditions and risk assessment, requires:

The means of subsistence for the intended stay shall be assessed in accordance with the duration and the purpose of the stay and by reference to average prices in the Member State(s) concerned for board and lodging in budget accommodation, multiplied by the number of days stayed, on the basis of the reference amounts set by the Member States in accordance with Article 34(1)(c) of the Schengen Borders Code. Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation may also constitute evidence of sufficient means of subsistence.” 


Backpacking Or Van Traveling In Europe: How To Attest Such An Accommodation Form?

Let’s suppose you desire to get through a backpack journey anywhere in Europe or want to use a camper van to travel around i.e. in Spain. Even in such event, you must attest owning a booked accommodation to the relevant diplomatic office of Spain in your country, by one of the above courses. Thus, unfortunately, evidencing that you have a van or a tent which you plan using for your accommodation is not enough for the diplomatic office of Spain.

What Is A Dummy Hotel Booking For the Schengen Visa?

Hotel Booking for Visa Purpose Only like THIS DUMMY ONE might be the proper alternative when dealing with private events such as backpacking and van traveling, offering Hotel Booking Plan Only, as a Proof of Accommodation. Also, such Dummy Hotel Booking for Visa only, is a worthy alternative for Schengen Visa Applicants as you, because you DO NOT have to spend your money on paying the complete hotel stay before being sure you get a Schengen Visa in the first place. Otherwise, you would risk a lot losing your money spent in paying the hotel fee in case of visa denial.

Dummy Hotel Booking, Dummy Hotel Reservation or Dummy Hotel Confirmation are few of many alternative expressions that you can encounter  on the internet while hunting for Hotel Reservations for Visa Application.

The convenient aspect of getting such a Dummy Schengen Visa Hotel Confirmation is that when submitting a Request Letter for Hotel Reservation to the hotel or the online hotel booking agency, you will not actually pay for your accommodation. In its place, you will only pay a symbolic fee to reserve a room in a hotel, as a Proof of Accommodation Letter for Visa application. 

How Do I Get A Hotel Booking Confirmation Letter For Visa Application?

There are different travel companies and hotel booking agencies which offer Hotel Booking Confirmations, but only a few of them offer cheap and genuine services. When choosing a serious hotel booking agency, you have less to worry about when making the reservation.

Besides, the entire process of booking your hotel is easy and is done in only a few following simple steps:

  • Go to VisaReservation
  • Choose the product Hotel Booking Plan Only
  • Fill the empty fields with the required information about you and your period of stay
  • Proceed the online payment
  • Following, as soon as your payment will be confirmed an e-mail with all the details of your Hotel reservation will be sent to your inbox
  • Print the email and provide it to the diplomatic office in your reserved visa interview session

Can We Provide Email Confirmation Or Do We Need To Provide A More Formal Receipt On Hotel Letterhead?

The best way to provide a proof of accommodation to the diplomatic office is in the form of written email confirmation of your stay from the hotel where you reserved your room. This is the typical way to proof having your accommodation booked in a hotel. 

Do I Have To Confirm My Hotel Booking?

As a general rule, you should be careful checking if your confirmation number is valid. This for the fact that the diplomatic office will do it anyway, and if  there can be tracked attempts of fraudulent hotel booking, the staff of the office will refuse your visa application and penalize you further. To avoid this unwanted scenario, you confirm your booking number by direct contacting the hotel, either through written email or by other means.

Make sure to do this before presenting the hotel booking to the diplomatic office.

Proof of Accommodation Letter Sample.

Proof of Accommodation Letter Sample for Visa Application

Go to VisaReservation for more Hotel Booking Samples.

Can I Get An Actual Hotel Booking For Schengen Visa Application Without Paying?

Typically hotels and online hotel booking agencies charge an amount of money to their clients, as a deposit for reservation, when booking their hotel accommodation for visa application.

There are safe and inexpensive online hotel booking agencies which have their costumer placed in the center of their commerce. Such is the case of VisaReservation, where you can get a Hotel Confirmation Letter for Visa Application in short, with actual hotel reservations that can be affirmed by the visa consulate, and all this in a low cost. When booking with this agency there is a possibility for you to not make the reservation yourself and no demand to use your credit card. The hotel reservation package includes all the days of the trip anywhere in Europe, based on your travel route. Moreover, this online agency will support you with the necessary documentation templates that you need to use for the Schengen Visa Application. What is more, staff of the VisaReservation takes care of cancelling, or correcting hotel booking request without charging you anything. Everything is organized in a very professional way and in accordance with the Schengen Visa formal requirements.

When Do I Have To Pay The Whole Amount Of Money For My Accommodation?

When booking through online hotel booking agencies such as VisaReservation, you will not be charged with the whole amount of financial obligation or for the whole days of your stay. Meaning that you will be only charged with a deposit for reservation fee by the hotel where you choose making your booking for a visa application.

In case of getting awarded with a visa, you will be paying the entire fee for the whole duration of your stay in the hotel, once you check in or check out at the hotel. The hotel will reimburse the sum of money you credited for the booking the moment you pay your hotel when there.

How Does A Sponsorship Accommodation Can Be Shown To The Diplomatic Office?

If your accommodation will be covered by a person who is living in the country where you expecting to stopover in Schengen Area then you need to attest to the diplomatic office of the relevant country having a proof or letter of sponsorship accommodation. The invitee’s letter must have his signature as well as must be approved by the local town hall or an officer.

Sample of proof or letter of sponsorship accommodation

Sample of proof or letter of sponsorship accommodation

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