05 Dec 2016

Russians, the largest recipients of Schengen Visas

Russians, the largest recipients of Schengen Visas
Russia ranks number one worldwide in Schengen visa applications, whose number exceeds 3 million per year, while the level of visa denials remains one of the world’s lowest – 1.3 percent.

In 2015, there were 3,467,317 applications for Schengen visas from Russia, including 68.1 percent for multiple visas (MEV), according to official data.


Russia is followed by China with 2,381,818 applications and 2.8 percent of visa denials. Ukraine comes third with 1.1 million applications and 3.4 percent of visa denials, and Turkey ranks fourth with 860,000 applications and 3.9 percent of denials.

The lowest level of visa denials has been recorded in Belarus – 0.3 percent per 750,000 applications.

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