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12 Apr 2018

Schengen Visa applications by British residents increase, refusals decrease

264,979 Schengen visa applications were submitted at the consulates of Schengen countries within the United Kingdom, out of an overall number of 16,155,613 visa applications that the Schengen embassies around the world received within 2017.

According to the Schengen Visa statistics by third country published by the Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission, British residents obtained a total of 258,424 uniform visas in the past year, 159,145 out of which were multiple entry uniform visas.

These numbers, place Britain in the 11th place for the third year in a row, for having more Schengen short-stay visa applications, just below countries as Russia, China, Turkey, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

These statistics show that the number of Schengen visa applications made in the UK has increased in comparison to the past two years. While in 2016 there were 253,032 applications received in the UK, in 2015 there were around ten thousand less.

Schengen Visa applications by British residents 2014 - 2017

In 2017, 1,085 of limited territorial visas were issued to applicants from Britain, while in 2016 there were 919 applicants for this type of visa and 848 in 2015.

Despite of the slight increase of visa applications, the rate of visa refusals for applications received in the UK, has been decreasing every year more, as shown below:

  • in 2014 there were 3.8% (9,056) of visa applications rejected
  • in 2015 there were 2.6% (6,387) of visa applications rejected
  • in 2016 there were 1.96% (4,967) of visa applications rejected
  • in 2017 there were 1.38% (3,644) of visa applications rejected

The numbers will probably start increasing after United Kingdom leaves the European Union in March 2019. Though it is still unknown whether Britons will be required to obtain a visa before entering any of the Schengen Area countries, few EU officials have claimed that, once outside the EU, Britons will have to go through the same procedures as every other third country citizen.

Who can apply for a Schengen visa in the UK?

To apply for a Schengen visa from the UK you must be a UK resident for at least three months. If this condition is not fulfilled, the Consulate of your country of preference will hardly take the application into consideration.

Non-residents such as travelers and tourists who plan on staying in the UK for 3 months or less should be discouraged from applying for a Schengen visa from within the UK. Instead, they should apply in their home country so that the application is processed, chances of getting a positive answer become greater.

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Starting from 2021, Britons will be required to apply for ETIAS visa entering the Schengen Area.

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