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04 Dec 2017

Turkey has just made a huge step on EU visa liberalization

Turkey has just made a huge step on EU visa liberalization

A draft document was approved after a meeting in Brussels between foreign, interior, justice and EU ministers and now is all up to Turkish prime minister Tayip Erdogan to sign it. The document will be presented to European officials on 12th of December by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu.

But, surely Europe has it owns demands still staying on the way. The most tricky topic of their talks is the Turkish anti-terrorist law. Seeing Europe getting faced with a lot of dangerous terrorism, Turkey hopes they won’t need to change their law, but instead finds a formula which would be acceptable for both parties. Their main concern is that modifying the law would make it harder to continue their fight  against the multiple terrorist organizations they are currently opposing.

Although, nothing concrete has happened yet, this is seen as something very positive. A senior EU official said “It is positive that Turkey concentrates on the issue broadly after a long time, but it is too soon to say that we are at the last step regarding visa liberalization.”

Ankara’s tracking back on their agenda to EU visa liberation means they’ll have to complete some other issues, which are estimated to be easier, like security and biometric passports. Europe wants Turkey to have an agreement with the EU police service, Europol.

Earlier this March Europe offered financial aid to Turkey to stop migrants crossing the Greece border and entering the EU countries. One of the points set up on that deal was visa liberalization. Europe has a list of 72 criterias, five of which are considered to be outstanding.

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