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25 Apr 2019

Top 10 Schengen Countries that Received Most Short-stay Visa Applications in 2018

For another year in a row, France remains the top choice for Schengen visa applicants, with over 4 million applications received.

Top 10 Schengen Countries that Received Most Short-stay Visa Applications in 2018

French consulates across the globe received 4,010,604 or 25% of the overall number of applications filed in 2018. Over 28% of these applications were lodged in Russia, China and Algeria, with the consulate in Moscow being the busiest.

However, France is one of the four Schengen members with the highest rejection rates, having denied 15.7% of the applications it received last year. It also has a very low share of MEVs compared to other countries, granting only 30.8% of visas with multiple entry validity.

Germany on the other hand, received 2,056,296 visa applications and had a lower denial rate of 9.1%. However, its share of MEVs is as high as 84.6%. It also has the highest rate of Limited Territorial Validity visas issued (30,822) in 2018, followed by Switzerland.

Russians, Chinese and Turkish make up the largest groups of Schengen Visa applications lodged at the German consulates abroad. In addition to the visas it issued at its consulates, the German authorities granted an additional 8,953 visas at its Border Crossing Points.

After France and Germany, Schengen visas to Italy, Spain and Greece were the most sought after in 2018. While Italy received as many as 1,844,140 visa applications, Spain received 1,701,379 applications, and Greece was listed fifth with only 855,285 applications.

The rejection rate was relatively low for each. Italy rejected 7.4% of the total number of applications, Spain 9.3%, and Greece 4.9%.

The largest number of applications for the three was lodged at the Russian and Chinese consulates too.

More statistics:

For country-specific data and more detailed information visit the new Schengen Visa Statistics Portal.

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