Spain satisfied with Schengen visa waiver for Peruvians

Spain is fully satisfied with the entry into force of the Schengen visa waiver for Peruvians, Spanish Consul to Peru Andres Collado said after recalling that it was Madrid that made such proposal to the European Union (EU). “It is a quite positive step, so we are enormously satisfied. It is a fair measure, which.. read more →

21 Mar 2016

EU May Offer Georgia Visa-Free Travel, Delay On Ukraine

The European Commission appears ready to offer visa-free travel to Georgia, but could postpone a similar offer to Ukraine. In December, the European Commission said both countries had fulfilled the criteria to qualify for visa-free travel through the passport-free Schengen zone. The commission said it would send a proposal to that effect to EU member.. read more →

27 Feb 2016

No Schengen visa for me: A Pakistani scientist’s dilemma

In 2008, I left for Austria to pursue a PhD degree in Computer Engineering. I got a Schengen visa without any hassle. My five-year stay in Austria was an unforgettable experience with some indelible memories. During my stay in Europe, I visited several countries to attend scientific events — including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia,.. read more →

27 Feb 2016

Study: Germany to lose 77 billion euros with Schengen border checks

Dusseldorf, Germany (dpa) – The German economy stands to lose hundreds of billions of euros if Europe reintroduces internal border controls to help manage its influx of migrants, a study showed Monday. Europe‘s largest economy could lose between 77 billion and 235 billion euros (84.9 billion-259.1 billion dollars) by 2025 if countries in Europe‘s visa-free.. read more →

23 Feb 2016

Peruvians to be allowed to travel within Schengen Area with traditional passports

Good news! Peruvians will no longer need a biometric passportto travel to the Schengen region. Once the agreement of the elimination of the Schengen visa comes into full force, Peruvians will be allowed to travel without a visa to the 20+ countries as long as they have valid documents, either a biometric passport or a.. read more →

17 Feb 2016

Turkey meets most EU requirements for visa-free travel

Speaking at Parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission on Saturday, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır spoke about the removal of visa requirements for Turkish citizens visiting the EU, saying that he expects them to be lifted in October 2016. He also mentioned the chapters that Ankara still has to complete to be admitted into.. read more →

15 Feb 2016

European Commission to Formally Propose EU Members to Lift Visas for Georgia in ‘Coming Weeks’

The European Commission will put forward a legislative proposal on visa waiver for Georgia “in the coming weeks,” European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy Johannes Hahn said after meeting Georgian PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili in Brussels on February 9. After the formal proposal is made, it will be then up to the EU-member states and the European.. read more →

10 Feb 2016

Number of foreign visas issued to Russians reduces by third in 2015

The visa market in Russia fell 37 percent year-on-year in 2015, due to the economic crisis and biometry requirements of Schengen zone countries, according to the statistical data provided by VisaToHome company. The company said that the mandatory finger-printing requirement, introduced for Schengen visas in the fourth quarter of 2015, reduced the number of visa.. read more →

09 Feb 2016

Spain Streamlines Visa Procedures for Chinese Citizens

Spain will expedite the processing of entry permits to Chinese citizens with the opening in February of 12 new centers for the reception of visa applications in China, the Foreign Ministry said. According to the statement, last January 12, Madrid sought Chinese government approval to open Visas Collection Centers in cities such as Chengdu, Jinan,.. read more →

28 Jan 2016

Austria suspends Schengen agreement, steps up border control, tells EU to sort out migrant crisis

Vienna is radically changing its policy towards migrants and refugees, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann told local media. Faymann said that with the new measures introduced at Austria’s borders, the existence of “the whole EU is in question.” “All refugees must be controlled, economic migrants must be sent to the countries of their origin,” Faymann said.. read more →

18 Jan 2016