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08 Oct 2018

Italy threatens to close airports to any flight from Germany carrying deported migrants

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini declared that his country will not allow planes from Germany to land in there, if they’re bringing deported migrants from Germany.

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior Matteo SalviniMr. Salvini said: “If someone, in Berlin or Brussels, thinks of dumping dozens of immigrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should know that there is not and there will be no airport available…We will close the airports as we closed the ports.”

Such statement came due to an article where the Italian La Repubblica said that they’re lots of migrants warned by the Germany’s Refugee Agency for a transfer by charter flights in next week, back to Italy.

According to the EU’s Dublin Regulation, the country where the asylum seekers arrive first, are responsible to deal with the asylum request processing.

There are large groups of asylum-seekers to be expelled from the Bavaria back to Italy, as their first port of entry, as DAP German news agency reports. Just to recall, Bavaria as a German border state is a port of entry from other EU states. However, there is an unclear situation, knowing that such deportation would cause a migration crisis over Italy. Yet the Bavarian authorities with the support from the Horst Seehofer, Federal Interior Minister of Germany are convinced these migrants belong to Italy. The Chancellor Angela Merkel has debated against such decision.

However, there are two conflicting announcements about the question of sending back asylum-seekers to their first point of entry Italy, from Germany.

The German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer last week assumed Germany has reached a bilateral migrant pact with Italy, stating that he’s only missing the signature from the Matteo Salvini. “The deal with Italy is closed. It is just missing two signatures, from my Italian colleague and from me, “ he said in front of the German Bundestag.

Yet, ‘there is no signature from Salvini and there is no deal with Berlin’ a source close to the Italian Interior Ministry said, according to DW.

Disagreeing with Mr. Seehofer’s announcement, in a Twitter post yesterday Mr. Salvini cautioned Berlin and Brussels that Italy won’t be letting ‘unauthorized charter flights’ to land in Italy.

The Italian government has moreover warned that it the EU does not deport migrants elsewhere amongst EU countries, Italy will not be paying the EU fee. According to Luigi Di Maio, the EU has ‘decided to turn its back on Italy’.

As DPA reports, on 15 October 2018 about 40 asylum seekers, mainly of Nigerian origin, could leave Germany towards Italy, to be followed by another flight on 17 October.

There are already 1,692 asylum seekers returned to Italy from Germany in the first six months this year. Every week Rome, Milan or Turin received complete 10 immigrants from Germany, according to La Repubblica.

Despite such debate, Mr. Salvini made a contradicting statement a day later. Germany is about to agree that for every returned migrant here, they’ll receive an asylum seeker, and the EU’s Dublin Regulation has to be revised, he declared.  He believes that EU Border States like Italy and Greece are overloaded with asylum-seekers compared to member states positioned in the heart of the EU.

‘The agreement has been negotiated and follows the same principle as Greece…We return refugees back to Italy, but we must take in the same number from sea rescues’, said Mr. Seehofer. He moreover calls governments of EU states to respond towards Salvini’s requirement to back the Italy’s position on asylum in the EU.

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