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02 May 2018

India among top five countries with most Schengen visa application in 2017

Applying for a Schengen Visa from IndiaiIndians are among the world citizens the interest of whom to visit Europe increases every year, respectively the Schengen states. According to the latest data published, while in 2014 Indians were positioned the seventh, in 2016 the fifth, in 2017 Indian nationals are the fourth group with most Schengen visa applications submitted at the Schengen consulates within India.

The latest statistics published by the European Commission regarding the number of Schengen visa issuance, show that France remains the top favorite country to visit by Indian nationals. An exact number of 179,749 Schengen uniform visas have been issued by France to Indians in 2017 out of 201,161 visa applications that French consulates in India have received.

French consulates in India, located in New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pondicherry had an average rate of  8.16% visa refusals, with the consulate in New Delhi having the highest rate of visa rejections with 15.90% of visa refusals out of 64,105 received visa applications.

France consulates around the world have had a busy year in 2017, receiving 3,684,404 Schengen visa applications in total, with a refusal rate of 13.64%, almost twice higher than the refusal rate of Germany which received around 1.3 million less visa applications than France.

Germany received approximately same amount of applications as Italy and Netherlands together

Germany visas remain much sought by Indian nationals too. Only in 2017, the same consulates as mentioned above, received 153,961 Schengen visa applications. Making Germany the second country having received most visa applications just after France. Last year, the Federal Republic of Germany consulates in India refused 10,505 or 6.92%, of the total number of visa applications received.

Italy and the Netherlands are listed just under Germany, which together received just a little more applications than Germany did, and together issued approximately the same amount of visas that the latter did. While Italy issued 78,685 visas out of 88,502 visa applications it received, the Netherlands issued 64,816 visas and refused 5,081 others.

More than half visas issued to Indian nationals are MEVs

When it comes to issuing uniform visas to Indian nationals, seems like most Schengen countries prefer to issue multiple entry visas to them, as more than half of the total number of visas issued were MEVs. There are countries that issued more than 90% of multiple-entry visas to Indians, out of the total number of visas they issued. i.e.

  • Austria issued 28,865 multiple entry visas out of 28,892 it issued in total.
  • Greece issued 27,880 multiple entry visas out of 27,895 it issued in total.
  • Denmark issued 15,767 multiple entry visas out of 17,921 visa issued in total.
  • Luxembourg issued 1,408 multiple entry visas out of 1,541 it issued in total.

However, there are still countries, which issued very few multiple-entry visas to Indian nationals compared to the overall number of uniform visas issued by their consulates in India, i.e.

  • Czech Republic issued only 2,565 MEVs out of a total of 20,779 visas its consulates in India issued
  • France issued only 22,073 MEVs out of a total of 179,749  visas its consulates in India issued
  • Spain issued only 936 MEVs out of a total of 48,894 visas its consulates in India issued

Visa Refusal Rates

The consulate in New Delhi was the one to receive most Schengen visa applications among all other consulates in India. At the same time it had the highest rate of visa refusals (14.81%), while the average of the 43 Schengen consulates in India had a rate of 10.85% of visa application refusals.

Estonia has the highest rate of visa refusals for Indian nationals in 2017, with 31.8% of 1,316 visa applications it received, refused. Next in the list with the highest rate of visa refusals are:

  • Latvia which refused 27.00% of 1,852 visa applications it received,
  • Lithuania which refused 27.10% of 1,361 visa applications it received
  • Poland which refused 20.15% of 9,812 visa applications it received
  • Malta which refused 16.90% of 1,994 visa applications it received

Whereas, the countries with the lowest rate of visa application rejections for 2017 are Denmark with 3.1% of 18,723 visa applications it received, refused; and Finland with 3.90% 10,209 visa applications it received, refused. Followed by:

  • The Netherlands, the consulates of which rejected 6.48% of a total of 70,320 visa applications received
  • Norway, the consulates of which rejected 6.80% of a total of 14,370 visa applications received
  • Austria, the consulates of which rejected 6.9% of a total of 31,045 visa applications received
  • Germany, the consulates of which rejected 6.92% of a total of 153,961 visa applications received

Detailed statistics for 2017

Schengen StateConsulateUniform visas applied forTotal uniform visas issued (including MEV)
Multiple entry uniform visas (MEVs) issuedTotal LTVs issuedUniform visas not issuedNot issued rate for uniform visas
AustriaNEW DELHI31,04528,89228,865242,1296.90%
BelgiumNEW DELHI6,1744,9253,0311,14318.50%
Czech RepublicNEW DELHI23,98720,7792,56553,20313.40%
DenmarkNEW DELHI18,72317,92115,76715883.10%
EstoniaNEW DELHI1,316889587141931.80%
FinlandNEW DELHI10,2099,7305,40823983.90%
FranceNEW DELHI64,10553,5138,975210,22215.90%
GermanyNEW DELHI41,83537,04736,4021164,67211.20%
GreeceNEW DELHI32,13427,89527,88044,23513.20%
HungaryNEW DELHI6,4345,3251,68251,10417.20%
ItalyNEW DELHI29,33623,84121,25335,49218.70%
LatviaNEW DELHI1,8521,335332350027.00%
LithuaniaNEW DELHI1,3619124601236927.10%
LuxembourgNEW DELHI1,7381,5411,408119611.30%
MaltaNEW DELHI1,9941,5198051133616.90%
NetherlandsNEW DELHI26,97223,49020,15563,18411.80%
NorwayNEW DELHI14,37013,3855,897109756.80%
PolandNEW DELHI4,8383,6521,383331,15323.80%
PortugalNEW DELHI6,8315,9493,982687612.80%
SlovakiaNEW DELHI4774361782398.20%
SloveniaNEW DELHI3,2512,9481,36372969.10%
SpainNEW DELHI20,85816,98252953,54417.00%
SwedenNEW DELHI20,75418,1357,48121,4757.10%
SwitzerlandNEW DELHI130,857124,00890,895946,7555.20%

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