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30 Aug 2018

Brexit to hurt aviation industry: air businesses and travellers

Brexit to hurt aviation industry: air businesses and UK travellers

The uncertainty about  the post Brexit scenarios happen to touch also the aviation industry, as if no-deal Brexit is to happen flight companies will be left no airspace to fly and Briton travellers will remain unprotected by the law.

As any new deal has not been achieved yet for the use of the aviation space when the UK leaves the EU, the UK airline companies are very skeptical about their rightfulness to fly after March 2019. Flights between the EU and the UK and many more countries may be hurt after the Brexit as of possibility for their fly to be banned. British companies may not be left aviation space to fly their airlifts to the EU and 17 other countries, which is expected to cause a huge business downfall and flustered customers who want their tickets recompensed.

Another fear is that of the eligibility of Briton travellers to fly to the EU. When the UK leaves the EU, Britons will be “third country nationals” to the EU and will be subjected under the immigration rules as a result. The rightfulness for admission to the EU countries will be only to such Britons having taken the needed EU residence permit beforehand.

The UK is currently complying with the EU laws where all the passengers are to be refunded in case of travel cancellation or delay, but this will come into an end when the Brexit comes. Travelers flying out of the Britain on a British airline flight will remain unprotected as of March 2019, when the UK is expected to officially leave the EU. These travellers are to be left with no support or compensation when their flight will be delayed or cancelled.

On the other hands, many Britons have already booked their holidays to the EU after March 29, 2019 and if there will be no new deal, they may be unable to fly or receive compensation for the cancellation or delay of their flight.

British companies are continuing to sell tickets without warning their clients about the risk of booking holiday trips after Brexit.

Even if British companies will refund cancellation or delay costs for their damaged travellers after the Brexit, this will not be the case for the accommodation, meals and other costs to be caused by the event

Such problem is expected to affect the pockets of all Britons who have already booked their holiday tickets for travelling to EU countries and 16 other countries as well as the USA – also negotiated under the EU treaties.

On the other hand, the UK government is declaring that even that currently there is no legal basis as regards of the aviation issue for travels between UK and EU; the normal flying will be ensured even when the UK will leave the EU.

Speaking the rightfulness to enter into the EU after the Brexit, a possible scenario is that Britons will be required to receive an ETIAS instead of a visa when doing short trips to the EU.

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