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18 Dec 2018

Belgian PM suggests Visegrad countries should be expelled from Schengen

Belgian Prime Minister Charles MichelBelgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has asserted that there is no place for the Visegrad countries in the Schengen Area. He said so to the journalists after a European summit during which the migration issue was discussed, claiming that the countries from the Visegrad group – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – are showing no solidarity in the management of migration.

“By stubbornly, repeatedly, systematically refusing to show a minimum of solidarity, these countries automatically open the political debate about the Schengen area, they in fact open the question of their own place in the Schengen area,” Michel told journalists. He insisted that his proposal was supported by more than a few of those participating in the summit.

All the Visegrad countries part of the Schengen rejected signing a UN deal on migration, which is aimed at coordinating action on migration around the world. However, the representatives of 164 nations signed the deal on December 10.

The Belgian Premier accused political parties in the European Countries for misusing the pact to spread disinformation. He also assessed that signing the deal would place Belgium “on the right side of history”.

This is not the first time that PM Michael pointed at the Visegrad countries, in particular Hungary, accusing them for not cooperating in migration issues.

Previously in September, Michael called the alliance of the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban and the Italian Home Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini “schizophrenic and hypocritical.”

“Salvini keeps calling for solidarity (from other Member States) but Orban is always the first to reject this solidarity,” he added. “They have clearly decided to instrumentalise the migration dossier and to not resolve it.”

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