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29 Aug 2017

EU Border Controls: Not to be REMOVED in November 2017

EU Border Controls: Not to be REMOVED in November 2017It seems that the end of EU border checks within the EU free-passport area, agreed in response to the massive influx of migrants of 2015 that invaded this area, is not very near.

Despite that in May 2017 the European Commission set an objective, the removal in 11 November of the existing EU border controls inside passport-free Schengen Area, such an action might not have a chance anymore soon.

This week, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission (EC), to retain control in the EU Borders. Merkel declared that such measure would disallow a new tormenting migrant wave from North Africa, which is making its way to cross into Europe through the Mediterranean.

Another associating fact that the extend of EU Border Controls is about to happen, is that Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden and non-EU Norway are constantly given the permission from the EC to extend the use of ID Checks announced in 2015.

Other than that, EU states, similarly agree that the keep of border checks would be the proper solution for keeping away illegal migration and terrorism acts in the EU.

Remembering the terrorist acts in Brussels, Paris, and Spain, waves of migrants, EU states who are agreeing to extend the control, have enough convincing evidence that free borders could result in breakdown of order and security.

As regards of the problem of African migrants itself, Europe Leaders called a summit on August 28, and together with African Leaders signed a strategy through which they seek to find proper solutions, as a form to prevent threatening crisis from African migrants’ influx. Leaders of Europe agreed to keep giving funds and resources for Africa, rather than changing its immigration rules and dealing with immigration overflow.

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