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About Us

SchengenVisaInfo.com is one of the largest, fastest, independent Schengen Visa related information and news publishing websites in the world.

Before SchengenVisaInfo.com was created, all the specific information and news about the Schengen zone was scattered around the web, it took a long time to find exactly what you needed to know, and in many cases very outdated. Our mission was to change that and become the go-to website for Schengen zone information and news.

Since 2012, we have been following and reporting on policy changes about the Schengen zone and we’re happy to say that we are now the leading source of information with over 20 million annual readers who rely on us to get information.

In addition to the latest news, our supporting content includes information about the application procedures and visa requirements for specific countries as well as exclusive research and country-specific data about the trends related to Schengen visa applications. All our information is available for free on our website. We are also not affiliated with the EU or any official agency.

Our work and content have been referenced by over five thousand websites online and hundreds of prestigious newspapers and government websites all around the world, including The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC News, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Vice News, The European Union, US State Department, Library of Congress websites and many others.