16 May 2016

21,982 Peruvians have traveled to Schengen countries without visas

21,982 Peruvians have traveled to Schengen countries without visas It has been a month and a half since the Peruvians are travelling freely to European countries for up to 90-day stays.

From 15th of March until 3oth of April when the visa requirements were officially waived, Peruvians gained admission in the Schengen Area by only presenting either their conventional or biometric passports to the European authorities.


During this period of time around 21,982 Peruvians have traveled to Schengen Area countries without visas.

Peruvians traveled mostly to:

  • Spain (14,464),
  • the Netherlands (4,639),
  • France (2,250),
  • Italy (378),
  • Germany (134),
  • Switzerland (36),
  • Sweden (18),
  • Belgium (16),
  • whereas in Finland, Norway and Austria (8 persons in each country).

Peruvians began receiving biometric passports by February 23rd, 2016, and the European Union authorities have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of their passports.

Another important fact, stressed by the European Union authorities, is the good image of the Peruvian citizens, which the European countries have, especially due to their work purpose travels towards the European countries. On the other hand, Peruvians adapt well and they bring with them their cultural values as well as contribute to the European countries’ overall economies.

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