Top 60 Most Asked Questions during a Visa Interview

Common interview questions available in this article are NOT solely intended for the Schengen visa interview, hence they are usable for any type of visa interview of any world country. A Schengen Visa interview isn’t only a meeting where you provide supporting documents for a visa application to a visa official of a respective country. Matter of.. read more →

27 Jul 2016

9 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Europe

We end up in a never-ending mind-battle, distressing about how to properly allocate the available budget and how to arrange cost-related activities every time we plan to have an economical Trip to Europe or elsewhere. Plane Tickets are probably the number one concern every time we dream of having a journey somewhere abroad, as of.. read more →

23 Jul 2016

Top Mistakes to AVOID during a Visa Interview

Ever questioned about the importance that visa interview has in getting your Schengen visa approved? In this article we will show you how to increase the chances to get a Schengen visa by learning which are the common mistakes to AVOID during a Schengen Visa interview. Note: Guidelines (advises) given in this article are NOT.. read more →

22 Jul 2016

EU visa reciprocity with US and Canada: – Questions and Answers

The visa reciprocity mechanism is a legal provision under EU law aiming to achieve visa-free travel for citizens of all Member States (except the UK and Ireland who do not participate in the common visa policy) to every non-EU country whose citizens can travel to the EU/Schengen area without a visa. The EU has a.. read more →

14 Jul 2016

European Parliament in favour of lifting visa restrictions for Georgia, Kosovo and Ukraine

The European Parliament urged the lifting of visas restrictions for three EU neighbouring countries, Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo. There were three separate votes, one for each country, and the Foreign Affairs MEP voted in favour of visas liberalisation in all the three cases. This will be a great step to foster cooperation and exchange between.. read more →

07 Jul 2016

EU’s vote to allow Kosovo visa-free travel postponed for September

Tanja Fajon, the European Parliament rapporteur on visa liberalization for Kosovo, told MEPs this on Tuesday. Fajon made the decision to postpone the vote due to Kosovo’s insufficient progress in meeting the last requirement, in particular, ratification of an agreement on the border with Montenegro, said a statement released by her office. “I have decided.. read more →

07 Jul 2016

More than 700,000 Schengen Visa Applications Submitted by Indians in 2015

More than 700,000 applications for Schengen visas were submitted by Indians in 2015, according to recent statistics from the internal migration and Affairs of the European Commission. In total, 708,386 Schengen visas were submitted by Indians in 2015, or 140,170 more submissions compared to the previous year. From the total submissions, only 45,811 visa were refused. Statistics.. read more →

06 Jul 2016

Croatia could join Schengen Area after 2018

Croatia could wrap up preparations for joining the Schengen Area by the end of 2016 and join after 2018, Foreign Minister Miro Kovač and Interior Minister Vlaho Orepić said on Friday. After joining the European Union three years ago today, Croatia’s next membership challenge is the area without internal border control which consists of 22.. read more →

04 Jul 2016

EU, Tuvalu sign visa waiver agreement

Tuvaluans visiting European Union countries won’t need visas for short stays under a new agreement signed in Brussels. A media release from the delegation of the European Union for the Pacific stated that the new visa regime provides for visa-free travel for EU citizens when travelling to Tuvalu and for citizens of Tuvalu when travelling.. read more →

04 Jul 2016

EU and Kiribati sign visa waiver agreement

The EU and the Republic of Kiribati signed a short-stay visa waiver Agreement in Brussels, Belgium last week. The new visa regime provides for visa-free travel for EU citizens when travelling to the territory of Kiribati and for citizens of Kiribati when travelling to the EU (Schengen area), for a period of stay of 90.. read more →

27 Jun 2016